Freebie Friday – Math Mini-Office

One of our favorite math tools my kids and I created were the mini-offices using math printables and display boards that we cut in half horizontally. These were pulled out during math time to use for easy reminders of math concepts, formulas and more. Above is what ours looked like.

There are all kinds of ways to create a mini-office in addition to the way we chose to do ours. Some folks use file folders while others keep notebooks. It is all a matter of preference but for us the display board method worked great.

For our mini-office, I printed out things I found on the internet or made copies from other resources we had such as textbooks and workbooks. Ours were made when my kids were in middle and high school so what we included helped them with some of what they were working on at the time. The things we included on our board were (the ones with the * are included in our free Math Mini-Office Printables PDF we created for you to get you started on creating your own math-mini office):

*A Hundred's Chart (we colored all the prime numbers)

*A multiplication chart (we colored the square numbers)

*Geometric formulas

*Abbreviation chart

*English vs Metric Measuring System chart

* A mini time chart

*A chart that explained mean, mode, median, and range

*A chart to explain chance, probability, odds

* Unit Equivalents Tables

* Divisibility Rules

* Place Value Chart

* Properties Charts

* Time Equivalent Chart

*Geometric Formulas

* Triangle classification chart

*Classification of quadrilaterals

*Regular and irregular polygons

*Types of angels

*Geometric Solids chart

* A How to Do Math Functions Tab Booklet

Ruler measurements; US and metric

A fraction/decimal equivalent chart

A booklet about angles, lines, rays, etc…

Here are a couple of websites that share their mini-office versions along with some printables you can use.

Mini Offices Page at Teaching Heart

Hubpages – Mini Offices

Need a starting point of printables for your office? Check out these sites:

Math Charts by Jenny Eather

Helping with Math - Resources

Mathletics - Free printable resources for your math classroom

And don't forget to grab our free Math Mini-Office Printables PDF.

Our math offices got a lot of use over the years and proved to be a wonderful tool for helping my kids be independent in their math studies and have information at the ready if the need arose.