Summer Camp at the Homeschool Buyers Club – Science & Technology

Here we are in the heat of summer and maybe the kiddos are starting to sing repeat choruses of "I'm bored". Why not get them excited about science and technology with free trials to some awesome programs including:


2022 - Fascinating Education Intro to Chemistry 835X835Fascinating Education – With Fascinating Education courses, Dr. Margulies flips the teaching process by approaching science through the “right hemisphere” of the brain. He uses simple, colorful illustrations, supplemented with attached audio files to explain what your child is seeing. The result is an easy way to learn science. In Fascinating Intro to Chemistry for children in grades 6-12, students will receive an introduction to intramolecular bonding, which is crucial to understanding chemistry. This course is for students in middle school and older students who anticipate taking Chemistry or Biology and do not have a strong science background. Get Fascinating Intro to Chemistry free for a year!


Brilliant – With courses crafted by award-winning teachers, researchers, and professionals from MIT, Caltech, Duke, Microsoft, Google, and more, replaces lecture videos with hands-on, interactive problem solving. courses explore the laws that shape our world, elevating math, and science from something to be feared to a delightful experience of guided discovery. Sign up now for the exclusive Club link for a free summer trial through September 4th, 2022!


Dynamic Earth Learning Aquaponics Bundle 835X835Dynamic Earth Learning – Engage your children at home with this enlightening science and sustainability topic. Dynamic Earth Learning's Aquaponics digital course explores how aquaponics works, aquaponics parasites and diseases, sustainable fish farming methods, and whether aquaponics is the key to a sustainable future. Enjoy the Dynamic Earth Learning's Aquaponics full course for free.


Thinkwell Homeschool 835X835Thinkwell – How would you like to have a professor from a top college teach your children in grades 6-12 right in your own home? Then take a look at Thinkwell. Short online video lectures presented by professors from colleges such as Purdue, Williams College, Rice University and more plus extensive interactive exercises help make material memorable without the need of a textbook. This comprehensive curriculum not only provides 27/7/365 access, but also includes worked out solutions to exercises, animations, illustrated notes, tests and exams and tracking tools. In addition to math courses, there are also science, government, economics and public speaking courses, some of which are available for Honors or AP students. Give Thinkwell a spin for free for 14-days.


Code Avengers 835X835Code Avengers – Do you have a student who dreams about being a website designer or who wants to learn about coding apps, games and more? Interactive and engaging computer science learning, making coding concepts accessible to learners of all levels. Course modules are blended with STEM and literacy learning and broken into simple tasks that support progression. Code Avengers programs not only teach students computer programming but also promotes important 21st century skills including critical thinking, problem solving, logic and much more. Give Code Avengers a try free for 10 days and inspire your young coder.