4 Favorite Curriculum Choices for Language Arts

Finding the right tools to help build strong language art skills in our children can sometimes be an overwhelming task. There are so many choices available. Some programs cover the whole language arts spectrum of reading, writing, grammar, and spelling while others focus on specific skill sets. Once you have determined whether you want a "covers-it-all" program or something to target a single vein of study, then it's time to research what's available. Some of the best information in helping make a curriculum selection are testimonials from people who have actually used a program. Below are four Co-op member favorite programs for language arts and testimonials from homeschool families who have used them.

Achieve3000 Literacy - Achieve3000 Literacy provides differentiated, individualized instruction to help students accelerate literacy growth and achieve reading success.

Co-op member, Payne, shared:

My daughter was not a big fan of reading until she tried Achieve3000. There are so many genres to choose from. I let her pick articles to read every day, and her reading score got so much better in a couple of months. Reading is not her least favorite thing anymore. I was worried if these will be too advanced for her, but I'm glad I got this. I'll be continuing to use this.

Wordly Wise i3000 – This online version of the long-time homeschool favorite vocabulary curriculum helps students to build the link between vocabulary and reading comprehension.

R. Thompson said this about Wordly Wise i3000:

My daughter loves this program. She works on it independently and loves this. She has ADHD and is able to focus and is excited to improve her Wordly Wise testing scores over time. She uses and likes the Quizlet feature when she is studying. I wish I had discovered this sooner.

Reading Horizons – Whether you have a beginning reader or a student who is struggling, Reading Horizons provides the necessary tools with online software and instructor-guided materials that allow for a flexible and personalized reading solution for your child.

Nicole C. told us:

My 16-year-old son has difficulty reading. Reading Horizons is helping him learn the phonics skills he needs to read and spell. He enjoys the variety of stories he has access to. I like the administrator's section, which allows me to view his areas of weaknesses so I can provide further instruction.

Words and Their Stories – This award-winning web-based online program from FableVision Learning uses engaging learning activities that not only teach vocabulary and etymology skills but also build important critical thinking skills.

Margaret Ott had this to say:

This product has been great for my high school age son. He's really learning the vocabulary words, yet without arduous memorization. He even called me in one day to have me read the derivation of a certain word which he found particularly interesting. This is a fun and painless way to improve one's vocabulary.