Reclaim Your Dining Table: How to Organize Your Homeschool Space

As the school year progresses, piles of completed homework, broken pencils, and unused curriculum tend to pile up. Many homeschool families come to accept that their dining table, or wherever they do school, will never be organized and clean. But, this does not have to be the case! Below are five simple tips that will help you reclaim your dining table and organize your school supplies.

· Buy or Make a Bookshelf

There are tons of great places to buy used bookshelves, such as Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, and Nextdoor. Bookshelves are vital to organizing your curriculum, planners, math manipulatives, learning games, and all of your supplies. By dedicating one shelf to each child, subject, or type of item, you can easily manage all of the piles that have accumulated thus far!

· Only Keep the Essentials

Often, homeschool parents keep books, manipulatives, and other supplies that they no longer use just in case they need them in the future. This habit will only lead to an unorganized work area. Additionally, only buy pencils, paper, and other supplies that you will use that year; anything extra is unnecessary.

· Utilize Closed Storage

Jars, boxes, and bins are the perfect way to store and conceal your school supplies! Put your HGTV knowledge to work by matching your storage containers to the rest of your décor. In addition to bookshelves, cute storage options can be found on Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, and Nextdoor.

· Clean as You Go

Perhaps the most important way to reclaim your table is to clean up each subject or activity when it is finished. All school supplies should have a home and must be returned to their designated spot immediately after use. This will not only teach your children to be organized, but it will ensure that your homeschool area is clean at the end of the day.

· Take Advantage of Walls

Use your walls to hang educational posters and shelves or even paint a small chalkboard wall! When items are hanging on the walls, they can be accessed easily without creating clutter. If you would do not want school materials on display, you can cover them with a decorative curtain!

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