Freebie Friday – Websites and Apps for Bird Study

The Great Backyard Bird Count began today and runs through the February 17, 2020. One of the perks of homeschooling is that not only can we help our children explore at length the things that interest them, but we can share some of things for which we have a passion. One thing I really enjoyed sharing with my kids was bird watching. There are some really wonderful free resources available today that make learning about birds and how to identify them so much fun. Here are a few free websites and apps to help you get started.

The Great Backyard Bird Count – Running from February 14-17, 2020, join this year's count.

The Cornell Lab – K-12 education Lessons & Activities – The lessons, downloadables, activities and more are sorted by grade levels. Be sure to visit The Cornell Lab home page by clicking the logo in the upper left for a boatload more for all your bird studies.

The National Audubon Society – There is so much great information, images and tips here that you will want to be sure to bookmark.

All Birds – This simple website provides all kinds of information about bird watching, bird houses, bird anatomy and much more.

Smithsonian's National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute – Migratory Bird Center Fun & Games – In this page you will find 2 interactive games and a 28-page coloring book that you can add to your studies.

Free Apps (as of this writing) - Available for iPhone and Android

Audubon Bird Guide App

The Cornell Lab Merlin Bird ID App

eBird Mobile

Song Sleuth


Even if you miss this year's bird count, bird watching can be year-round activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family.