Freebie Friday – Shop Skills: Woodworking

From the time my children were able to swing a hammer, they would assist us around the house with any "fix-it" projects that we may have had. As they grew, they became quite familiar with both hand and power tools and created many wonderful wood projects that are now part of their own homes. We included the more in-depth study of woodworking into our high school elective not only for our sons but also my daughter, who became quite hand with a saw. 😊

Here are some woodworking resources we found that may inspire you to add a wood shop class to your electives selections.

Woodworking Curriculum – On this site designed specifically for wood shop instructors and students, there are a lot of great resources for you to use that include downloadable (mostly Word Docs) curriculum sheets, tests, lesson plans, projects, videos and more.

Sawdust Making 101 – Browsing through this website you will find lots of useful information and tools to use in your woodworking class including a link to an online reprint of a 1941 book called Carpentry for Boys, downloadable shop reference charts, a woodworking glossary, an introduction to tools as well as free project plans and more.

Beginner's Guide to Carpentry and Woodworking by the Floor Sanding Experts – You will find loads of wood shop video tutorials organized neatly into categories at this site. When you get to the site scroll down a bit to select whether you are looking for projects for an adult or child, using hand or power tools or both, and a topic which includes tools, techniques, projects, safety or wood info. Make your selection and a new window opens with the YouTube video. (Note: Be sure to preview the video for appropriateness for your family as we did not preview every video.)

(The resources below are direct links to PDFs. We were unable to locate the original posting website page for these documents but felt they were resources that we wanted to include. If you know of the actual webpage they originate from, please send us a message so that we can update this page.)

Woodworking Magazine – I Can Do That Manual PDF – In this downloadable eBook you will find tips, information and instructions for tools, techniques and woodworking materials.

Valley Oaks Charter School – Basic Woodworking PDF – This PDF provides lesson materials that cover shop safety, drafting, measuring, joinery, finishing and work ethic.

Exploring Woodworking and Construction Technology PDF – In this PDF you will find course information, instruction and materials from Mr. Eric Storm's class.

Need some project inspiration? Check out these sites:

Natural Papa – Woodworking Projects for Kids – On this page you will find a list of links to free woodworking project plans suitable for kids. - 25 Simple Woodworking Ideas and DIY Projects for Kids – You'll find some great ideas on this list such as an address sign, kids toolbox, LEGO coat rack and more.

Incorporating woodworking skills into your homeschool can be so much fun and you do not have to be a master carpenter to teach this to your own children.