Freebie Friday – Kids Summer Camp at the Co-op – Electives

Is your child interested in learning to pay the guitar or piano? Or are they more interested in developing programming skills? If so, check out this week's featured free trials at the Co-op and get them started this summer.

CodaKid – With this program, kids in grades 2-9 can build mods for Minecraft, learn to design games and build apps with no previous coding experience. CodaKid teaches children to write real code using the same tools that software development companies use instead of using the "drag and drop" methodology. Try CodaKid for free for 14 days and begin building your child's coding skills.

Kids Guitar Academy – Learn to play the guitar in the comfort of your home with these professionally designed online courses taught by David Osborn. The step-by-step curriculum enables students to start playing from the very first day and includes video lessons, supplemental sheet music, audio downloads and more. Check out the 14-day trial to the Kids Guitar Academy Beginner Kickstart Course absolutely free.

HomeSchoolPiano – This award-winning, video-based, online piano course from Jazzedge, Inc. not only teaches students of all ages to play piano and learn to read music, but it also improves the musical ear strengthening your child's skills as a musician. If you child has shown an interest in playing the piano, give the HomeSchoolPiano CorePiano and Level 1 a try free for 30-days.