Freebie Friday – Homeschool Pop – YouTube Channel

Homeschool Pop is a YouTube Channel that has hundreds of free educational videos for preschool through elementary age children covering a large variety of subjects. Video run times range from about 6 minutes on up to full length videos of an hour and more. Topics covered include math, science, language arts, history, holidays and much more. In addition to the Kindergarten through Third Grade Curriculum playlists, other playlist categories are:

• Science Videos for Kids

• Animal Learning Videos for Kids

• US States Videos for Kids | Learn the 50 States

• Preschool Songs for Kids to Sing

• History Videos for Kids

• Learning Spanish Words for Kids

• Classroom Editions Homeschool Pop Videos – These are some of the regular videos without the fun intros and commentary.

A sampling of video titles includes:

Language Arts:

• Phonics for Kids

• Prefixes for Kids

• Pronouns for Kids

• Capitalization Rules

• Limericks for Kids

• First Grade Sight Words


• Cool Science Videos for Kids

• Ecosystems and Biomes

• Hurricane Facts

• Planets for Kids

• How the Heart Works for Kids

• Plant Parts and Functions


• Facts about Insects

• Amphibians for Kids

• Facts about Fish

• Polar Bear Facts for Kids

• Octopus Facts for Kids

• Facts about Snakes

Ancient History:

• Ancient Rome for Kids

• Ancient Greece for Kids

• Ancient Egypt Facts

Government and Monuments:

• Constitution Facts for Kids

• The Bill of Rights for Kids

• Purpose of Government for Kids

• The Lincoln Memorial for Kids

• Mt. Rushmore for Kids

• Facts about the Statue of Liberty for Kids


• Facts about George Washington

• Thomas Edison Biography for Kids

• Sitting Bull Biography for Kids

• Facts about Jackie Robinson

• Davy Crockett Biography for Kids

• Helen Keller for Kids


• Fun Math Videos!

• Math Learning for Kids

• Place Value Learning Video

• Learn the Coins

• Division for Kids


• Months of the Year in Spanish

• Colors in Spanish

• Numbers in Spanish 1-10


• Memorial Day Facts for Kids

• Veterans Day for Kids

• Labor Day Facts for Kids

• President's Day for Kids

• Valentine's Day Facts for Kids

• Thanksgiving for Kids

Other things:

• Eiffel Tower for Kids

• Great Wall of China for Kids

• Hoover Dam for Children

• Black History Month for Kids

• Daylight Savings Time Explained for Kids

• The Olympics for Kids

Visitors may wish to subscribe to this channel as new videos are added regularly. Please note that unless you are a YouTube subscriber the videos do have ads, so be sure to preview these videos prior to allowing children to watch them.