Freebie Friday – Curriculum Shopping Worksheets

If you haven’t already started your homeschool year or are still looking for the right curriculum, then check out these 5 resources we found to help with your curriculum planning and decision-making process.

How to Homeschool Today – Curriculum Planning Worksheets – On this site from Cindy Downes, you will find a variety of simple worksheets to download including schedules, goal setting, grade planning forms and more.

Five J's – Homeschool Printables & Downloads – Among other things, at the top of list on this site you will find a Homeschool Planner that includes curriculum planning sheets, calendars, records keeping forms and much more.

Homeschool Creations – Homeschool Curriculum Shopping List Printable – This worksheet is available in a variety of colors so you can choose the one that will fit perfectly in your homeschool planning binder.

The Unlikely Homeschool – How I Plan My Homeschool Curriculum Shopping List {Printable} – This post and simple worksheet is a great place to start to keep from feeling overwhelmed with the whole curriculum selection process.

The Canadian Homeschooler - Choosing Homeschool Curriculum – This downloadable curriculum purchasing planner includes worksheets for goals, budgeting, comparing, and purchasing curriculum. Plus, this blogger shares a collection of posts and quotes from others on choosing curriculum.