Freebie Friday – A Dozen Homeschooling Podcasts

As a busy homeschooling parent, it is sometimes difficult to find time to fill our tanks with the encouragement that we receive by reading our favorite homeshooling blogs. In order to get the much-needed inspiration and know-how I needed through our homeschool journey, I turned to listening to podcasts while multitasking other things such as making supper, picking up the house, or exercising. There are podcasts of all kinds available to listen to on our phones, through our home smart devices, or on our computers. Many times, they can also be downloaded as MP3s and played offline on compatible devices. You can subscribe to your favorites, so you never miss an episode.

Here are a few homeschool podcasts that you may want to check out:

Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network – You will find a large selection of Christian home and homeschool podcasts from a variety of speakers at this site.

Simply Charlotte Mason Homeschooling – There is also a video podcast for this one.

Homeschool Talks – These podcasts from the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) provide tips, encouragement, and more.

Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution – Get tips and encouragement from a variety of notable homeschool advocates.

Pam Barnhill – Your Morning Basket – This award-winning educator and homeschool mom shares encouraging conversations with other homeschool families.

The Hmmmschooling Mom – Crazy Real, Real Crazy – Amy Dingmann provides a down-to-earth and fun insight into homeschooling and life.

The Homeschool Sisters – These ladies talk about a variety of homeschooling and life topics.

Kristi Clover – Simply Joyful – Get encouragement for your homeschool journey, home keeping skills, family life, your faith walk, and much more with these podcasts.

Simple Homeschool – This podcaster discusses and provides tips for all types of homeschooling topics.

Homeschool Unrefined – In this weekly podcast, join hosts Angela and Maren for information and inspiration for your home and classroom.

Honey! I'm Homeschooling the Kids – These podcasts are from a variety of families who share how they homeschool their families as well as information on alternative education and self-directed learning.

The Wired Homeschool – Get helpful tips and information about using technology as part of your homeschooling world.