Freebie Friday: 10 Websites for Math Practice

When we first started homeschooling, most of the extra math practice we did relied on software we had purchased or hand-made worksheets. Today there is a boatload of free options found across the internet to add some extra skill practice to your math studies. Here are a few we found that seemed bookmark worthy.

Worksheet Generators:

Helping with Math - Math worksheet generators – There are 34 different types of math sheet generators at this site. You can change the parameters and other options to create and print the practice sheet and answer key to fit your needs. Be sure to check out the other features of this site using the upper menu to find premade worksheets, charts, flashcards, activities and more.

SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator - Generate worksheets with 5 to 50 problems for all types of math concepts. To print the worksheet you will need to use the print function in your browser. After printing, be sure to use the "Create Answer Sheet" button for each worksheet to make and print your key prior making a new worksheet.

Math Fact Café - Create Custom Worksheets – In addition to being able to create practice sheets for counting, basic facts, multiplication tables, word problems, telling time, money and conversions, many are interactive online. - Free Math Worksheets – This site has a large selection of worksheet possibilities that also includes the ability to generate worksheets for geometry, factor trees, calendars, fractions and so much more. This site also provides math games and resources for other subjects.

Mathmaster - Worksheets – Create PDF worksheets to save to use over and over again. In addition to math basics there are also generators for statistics, ratio and proportion, Roman numerals, percentage, exponents and more.

Online Math Games (Please note that in order to play most of the games at the sites below you will need Adobe Flash enabled.):

XP Math - Math Games Arcade – eXPerience – At this website you will find hundreds of arcade-like games for grades 2-9 covering number and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement and data analysis and probability.

Math Playground - Math Games – The online games at this ad-supported site are targeted towards kids in grades 1-6. Please note that some of the games are for subscribers but there are plenty of free ones from which to choose. There are also logic games, a math arcade, math videos and story math.

Sheppard Software - Math – This was one of the sites that we used in our homeschooling days. There are hundreds of games from early math skills to algebra. There are also games and learning activities for other subjects.

Coolmath4kids - Math Games – Geared for children from kindergarten to 6th grade, the games on this ad-free site cover addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions. There are also colorful math lessons, interactive quizzes, manipulatives and brainteasers as well as printable flashcards and more.

MathGameTime - Math Games Organized by Grade – The games on this site are for kids Pre-K through 7th grade. This site also provides math videos as well as printable worksheets and a selection of mobile device compatible games.

As always, be sure to preview these suggested websites prior to allowing children to use them.